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A First Look at Lifetimes in Rust
Unsafe Rust is not C - a look at tricky pointer aliasing rules in both languages
A Firehose of Rust - for busy people who know some C++


Object Soup is Made of Indexes
Safety and Soundness in Rust


the SHA-256 Project - from teaching Applied Cryptography at NYU Tandon
BLAKE3 - a general-purpose cryptographic hash function, fast everywhere Bao - a verified streaming tool based on BLAKE3 blake2_simd - a Rust implementation of BLAKE2b/s/bp/sp
peru - a build tool that fetches other people's code in a reproducible way
duct.py - a Python library for running child processes duct.rs - a Rust version of the same
os_pipe.rs - a Rust library for opening OS pipes
shared_child.rs - a Rust library for managing child processes from multiple threads